Armed Robbers Storm Chika/Aleyita Residents in Abuja


Over 17 young men storm Chika/Aleyita community in FCT in the early hours of 3:14am and made away with valued properties and also manhandling of residents.

Speaking with Leadership reporter, the vigilante chairman Mr. Obinna said "round 3:20am, we had 17 armed robbery squad around mountain of fire, Chika. The robbers came through the Aleyita school fence to rob the environment".

He added, "A civil defence officer living around the Aleyita primary school was severely maimed by the assailants and his head was brutally severed by a machete as things were carted away from his residence".

"However, after several attempts to foil the activities of the criminal elements by the vigilantes, I called the Galadimawa police station for support and there was a prompt response’. This made the assailants drop about 3 televisions stolen", he said

One of the victims of the Assailants Miss Linda O. said ‘the assailants came to my window, and thinking they were vigilantes, I became relaxed but the next I heard was a loud bang on my door and immediately the assailants were inside my room and asking me for money and hitting me. I started screaming for help as they my Television, Jewelries, wallet and ATM Card'.

Eye witness and resident Mr Prince Omoba also said 'around 3 am, I heard unsettling noises at my burglary door, worried, I came out and found that the lock has been damaged by the assailants since they could not gain access to my room. In a bid to remove myself from this compulsory apprehension I shouted to neighbors for help and I heard one of my neighbors Mr Oche saying he was robbed and locked inside his apartment by the criminal elements'.

In response to this events, the Chief of Chika sympathizes with the affected and insists on the need to combat these consistent crimes in the community to forestall further reoccurrence, as he said.

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