Rep Member Denies Purchasing Arms For Nigerian Delta Militants


A member of the House of Representatives representing Isoko Federal Constituency of Delta State, Leo Ogor has denied allegations that he bought the arms that were used in the conflict between two communities in his constituency.

Reacting to allegations made by the clan head of Oleh community, the headquarters of Isoko South Local Government Area that he armed the people of Ozoro, headquarters of Isoko North Local Government Area, the former House majority leader dismissed the insinuation as untrue and baseless.

Ogor noted that it would be ridiculous for him to arm a community in his constituency against another since all the peoples who make up his federal constituency are his constituents.

Speaking to journalists in Abuja, the lawmaker appealed to the inspector general of police and the state commissioner of police to wade into the matter by investigating the allegations, including looking into the communal crisis with a view to bringing the perpetrators of the violence to justice.

“l represent the Isoko people, they are all my constituents. I want to call on the inspector general of police and the Delta State police commissioner to in the interest of peace to come into the matter and bring it to a logical end.

“The culprits must be arrested and brought to book. I am absolutely disgusted with the allegations made by the Oleh clan head that l bought arms for anyone to kill people of my constituency.

Cheating Apology: Would 9ice Have Forgiven His Wife?

What exactly happened to our own Alapomeji boss, 9ice, whose viral video emerged over the weekend showing him begging Nigerians and people close to his wife for forgiveness after a cheating scandal that became the most talked about topic in the entertainment industry.

Who would have believed that a whole 9ice, who is considered one of the most respectable and decent musicians in Nigeria would think of rubbishing his career, in the face of other young indigenous acts who look up to him for mentorship just because he wants have a slice of the cake.

Was it "Conji?" It must be that deceived him to do something like that.

I remember vividly when 9ice first marriage with Toni Payne crumbled because of same cheating scandal, but that time, he was alleged to be the good guy.

Payne was accused of cheating on 9ice, even though she tried to deny the allegations, the marriage still hit the rock.

I read somewhere that Madam Toni Payne was saying she's been vindicated after the news

broke that 9ice went to drink from another woman's pot. It's laughable. Payne should focus on her life and allow 9ice to lick his wounds at this sad moment in his life.

He would have known that at this Internet age, there are desperate people looking for ways to bring down personalities for their personal aggrandizement.

I really felt for him. He said he wanted the marriage to work, yet he was still gallivanting and racking his weapon of mass destruction. Well, next time, he should think before diving into the pool because if his wife eventually succumbed to pressure by friends and family, he should never think of doing such to her again.

This is a big lesson that he must never let go. I pray their relationship remains stable for ever. At least he was man enough to come out to apologise.

How many celebrities can remove shame come out in public to beg forgiveness. To me, that alone deserves forgiveness. However, what if it were the wife who cheated, would he have forgiven her?