PMB Seeks Foreign Assistance Against TB


According to news bulletins, President Muhammadu Buhari has called on the international community to act in unison with re-dedicated efforts, using the latest available technology and tools to address Tuberculosis, one of the leading causes of death worldwide.

In his goodwill message to the roundtable conference of the Board of the “Global Stop TB Partner-ship”, President Buhari in a statement by his media aide, Femi Adesina, expressed concern that efforts at ending a preventable and curable disease like TB were now complicated because of COVID-19.

“As I mentioned during the UN High Level Meeting in 2018, it is now even more urgent that the global community, especially the African region, act in unison with rededicated efforts, using the latest available technology and tools to address the TB epidemic.

‘‘Nigeria still ranks amongst those countries bearing the brunt of an increasing burden of TB with a growing number of “missing” TB cases.

‘‘The reversal of Nigeria’s difficult health indices remains a top priority of this administration, in-cluding the gap in TB cases detection fuelled partly by the dearth of acceptable, accessible, afford-able and patient-centered basic health facilities,’’ the president said.

Apprising the meeting on efforts to reverse TB cases in the country, Buhari said his government had conceptualized and is currently implementing the Primary Health Care (PHC) revitalization pro-gramme to empower more PHC centres to provide quality basic healthcare in the treatment of TB, HIV, malaria and other health challenges, delivered in a patient-centered way.

He added that the Nigerian government was also implementing the Basic Health Care Provision Fund prescribed by the National Health Act to bridge the gap in health care financing with funds released to support provision of a basic minimum package of health services.

“We are also improving funding of health services through voluntary contributory schemes that reduce out of pocket spending and the risk of catastrophic costs to patients and their families in-cluding those with TB,” he said.

Warning on the consequences of the increasing epidemic, the president added:

‘‘If we fail in the fight to reverse the current trend in TB prevalence, it will continue to fight us and lead to avoidable loss of lives, especially among the economically productive age group, and among our most vulnerable groups, especially women.

‘‘It is imperative that we not only commit to ending the TB epidemic as one of the milestones en-shrined in the SDGs, but also to institute an accountability element to ensure that our commitment translates to achievement of desired results’’.