N/Delta Groups Reject New Fuel Price Hike


Leaders of the Niger Delta Youth Council (NDYC) and the Coalition of Ex-Niger Delta Agitators’ Forum have called for the immediate revisit of the recent increase in the pump price of petrol to mitigate the hardship being faced by Nigerians.

They charged the federal government to rescind the policy and pegged the pump price of product at N120 per litre within 11 days to avoid being resisted by poor Nigerians who have been pushed to the wall through incessant fuel price hike.

While addressing journalists at press conference in Abuja yesterday, NDYC national coordinator, Comrade Jator Abido and convener of the Coalition of Ex- Niger Delta Agitators’ Forum, General Ebi Tamuno, called for the immediate repair and functioning of the country’s refineries to forestall the incessant fuel price increment.

Abido said that the ex-militants will demand that oil workers should leave the Niger Delta region within 14 days if the government fails to live up to their expectations, stressing that their safety cannot be guaranteed if the government failed to revert to the pump price to N120 per litre.

According to him, “we will not hesitate to declare a national day of action for a nationwide protest as the economy is biting hard on the citizens. We call on all sister organisations and groups to wake to this clarion call. Nigerians cannot take responsibility for the government’s poor performance.

Abido said that the ex-militants took the above decisions because Nigerians were passing through economic and social hardship.

He said: “It is however regrettable that our refineries have been left moribund and almost becoming a museum for petroleum refining equipment.

Nigerians who are grappling with poverty have been left to their fate due to the hike in the price of fuel. There is no justifiable reason for the exorbitant price over a product that God have blessed us with in abundance.

National News