Cocoa A Major Revenue Source In C’River


The Special adviser to the state governor on Cocoa Development and Control, Dr Oscar Ofuka, disclosed reporters that cocoa is a major revenue earner in the state and called on the federal government to key into cocoa production to improve the country’s foreign exchange earnings.

In his statement, “Before this time, our cocoa most of our cocoa plantations were moribund. But as soon as Prof Ayade mounted the seat of governance in the state in 2015, he began an aggressive reactivation of the hitherto dead plantations. As I speak with you, cocoa alone had offered employment opportunities to more than 5000 youths in the state.
“The government of Cross River State has taken giant strides aimed at boosting cocoa production in the state, the cocoa sector is now the major source of revenue for infrastructural development in the state. I assure Nigerians that in the next few years we shall be depending on cocoa for the foreign ex-change to run infrastructure in Nigeria.

“In Cross River State, cocoa has replace oil as soon as Cross River State in 2012 lost the disputed 76 oil wells to Akwa Ibom State and Bakassi to Cameroon.”