Dangote Cement Gives N11m To Winners In Promo


Eleven Nigerians have joined the ranks of million- aires as they received dum- my cheques and instant credit alerts in the ongoing Dangote Cement Bag of goodies sea- son 2 promo.

They were presented with the prizes at a ceremony held in Lagos. The new million- aires include block makers, bricklayers, labourers, build- ing contractors and tilers, meaning that artisans in the building industry are emerging as winners on a daily basis.

One of the winners, Victor Amaa, a tiler was full of commendation for the man- agement of Dangote Cement for creating the promo which has turned many artisans into millionaires.

He stated that he has been using Dangote Cement in his work for many years and always recommend the brand for his customers.

For a building contractor, Thaddeus Ohadiro, the star prize of N1 million comes as an incentive to continue to use Dangote Cement in his work. He said that Dan- gote Cement is of good qual- ity and suitable for all con- struction works.

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