What Happens If You Do Not Invest Wisely


Understanding the right thing to invest your strength and resources into can really save you a whole lot of stress and regrets. When you know the right thing to do and you do it well you will be perceived as a man or woman of wisdom.

Have you ever carried out a task only to realize at the end that you have done the right thing but in a very wrong way?

Many people may be lucky enough to undo what they had done wrong. But not everyone ever had that same opportunity. Understanding what to do and how right to do it requires great logical thinking and critical analysis.

If it is business you want to venture into, you need to conduct accurate market survey to know what products will sell well in your given environment and to also understand the various threats and opportunities available for the business.

If it is a career you want to pursue, you need to understand the nitty gritty of it, not just the immediate gratification but for a long time prospect. You need to understand your society and the needs in it. To know how well you will survive with your chosen career.

You can't study agricultural science while you stay glued to the city centre when your services are needed in the farming villages. You must invest your energy into acquiring skills that are in demands by your environment.

Understanding the right thing to invest our strength into also pervades our choices of relationship. From dating to courting and to the final vow sealing at the alter of holy matrimony.

Have you ever wondered how some couples were able to survive through the dating process to the extent of getting married? Many people invested in the wrong relationship until the vow is sealed before their eyes open.

You must sit down with critical thinking and analysis, giving attention to studies of different written materials to know what and where you should invest your energy and resources into

Do not invest into the wrong business that may bring you to a regrettable end. Do not invest into the wrong career that has no future prospects. Do not invest all your emotions into the wrong relationship.

Allow your logics to guide you in all you do. Someone once said " If only we can live well think well and communicate well then our lives will go well".