Tinubu Dismises Rumors of 2023 Presidential Bid


Tinubu yesterday said he has not made any decision to run for president in the 2023 presidential election. The former governor of Lagos State, in a statement he personally signed entitled, ‘Becoming The Party We Were Intended To Be’, said contrary It can be tempting, when we are winding down after a busy day, to want to discuss everything with our partner in bed, or perhaps with friends via an online chat or the phone.

Tinubu who said President Buhari did what any parent in his position and with his authority would do, urged all party members to abide by the president’s decisions irrespective of the sacrifices the president’s pronouncement had imposed on them. He averred that with the numerous lawsuits, President Buhari reasonably decided that he has seen enough. He said, “To those who have been actively bleating how the President’s actions and the NEC meeting have ended my purported 2023 ambitions, I seek your pity.

I am but a mere mortal who does not enjoy the length of foresight or political wisdom you profess to have. Already, you have assigned colourful epitaphs to the 2023 death of an alleged political ambition that is not yet even born. “At this extenuating moment with COVID-19 and its economic fallout hounding us, I cannot see as far into the distance as you. I have made no decision regarding 2023 for the concerns of this hour are momentous enough. “During this period, I have not busied myself with politicking regarding 2023.

I find that a bit distasteful and somewhat uncaring particularly when so many of our people have been unbalanced by the twin public health and economic crises we face. I have devoted these last few months to thinking of policies that may help the nation in the here and now. What I may or may not do three years hence seems too remote given present exigencies.

“Those who seek to cast themselves as political Nostradamus’ are free to so engage their energies. I trust the discerning public will give the views of such eager seers the scant weight such divinations warrant. “Personally, I find greater merit trying to help in the present by offering policy ideas, both privately and publicly, where I think they might help. I will continue in this same mode for the immediate future. 2023 will answer its own questions in due time.

“I have toiled for this party as much as any other person and perhaps more than most. Despite this investment or perhaps due to it, I have no problem with making personal sacrifices (and none of us should have such a problem) as long as the party remains true to its progressive, democratic creed. Politics is but a vehicle to arrive at governance. Good politics promotes good governance. Yet, politics is also an uncertain venture.

No one gets all they want all the time. In even a tightly-woven family, differences and competing interests must be balanced and accommodated”. Tinubu appealed to aggrieved APC members to accept the sacrifice they have been asked to make in order to clear the air and allow the party assume its proper role of helping the Buhari administration in leading the country toward “enlightened improvement, and the party itself can grow and firmly establish itself as the best, most democratic party in the land.’’

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