Oshiomhole Agrees to Dissolution Of NWC by NEC


Oshiomhole stated that he would not be seeking redress in the court of law, revealing that he has also withdrawn his case at the Supreme Court, even as he promised to support the Buhari administration.

Oshiomhole spoke for the first time since the uphold of his suspension and the eventual leadership crisis that bedeviled the party until Thursday’s NEC meeting also said that it was President Buhari who, two years ago, invited him to come and reposition the APC and that since it was the same president who also agreed to the dissolution of the NWC, he was bound to obey him as the leader of the party.

While addressing journalists in Abuja “I thought that it is important that I formally react to the recent events as it affects our party. We are all aware that on Thursday, a special NEC meeting was called and was attended by Mr President, governors, APC leadership of the two chambers of the national assembly and some other leaders of our party.

“At the end of the meeting as you all know, the national working committee was dissolved and accordingly I cease to be the chairman of the All Progressives Congress. “Mr President graciously invited me to run for the office of chairmanship of the party in 2018 precisely about two years ago. The president told me then that if we do not reform the APC, we can as well forget about the party. “You know that reforms are challenging and it will entail taking difficult decisions.

Mine has been a life of trouble and I accepted this and I believe I did my best. I'm happy that at the end of the day, 2019 elections have come and gone thanks to Nigerian people, our president had more votes in 2019 than we had in 2015. We have more members in the senate and House of Representatives. “Unlike 2015 we were not able to manage our victory in the two chambers such that we had an APC president in the senate and PDP deputy senate president.

This time, working hard with my colleagues in the NWC and in consultation of leaders of our party across board, we have the kind of unity expected in the governing party in the two chambers of the national assembly.

“I'm happy that the leadership of the National Assembly is working harmoniously with Mr President. The APC under my chairmanship has done its best and the results are there. Of course we have now been dissolved and I have accepted that dissolution in good fate. “I'm not going into the question of legality or illegality. The bottom line is that the president who invited me to lead the party and who mobilised all the support for my emergence as chairman also presided over the meeting where the NWC has now been dissolved.”

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