UK Film-Maker Brings Cinema Academy to Nigeria


Creative Industry Group (CIG) President, Felix Duke, says, Her Imperial Majesty Empress, Dr Elham Madani of Wales has set up a five-man team for the project to establish a World Cinema Academy (WCA) Class Film/Cinema School in Nigeria.

In her Statement, “Soon, we will be having the WCA Standard Film, Cinema School, established in Lagos, which is a very big one for the filmmakers, especially females and the entertainment sector at large.

“Madani has established a big one in California, where foreign actors and actresses are attending and studying Cinematography; so, she is bringing it to our door mouth.

“The WCA serves as an umbrella for an array of services; it’s a vessel seeking to identify pressing issues in order to make measurable changes in communities and businesses.

“She is passionate and seeking to add more peace and unity in form of royal for the world by her current association with over two thousand organisations.”

“Her Majesty’s love journey for humanity has come hitherto over the years to establish an era of inter-cultural relationship for the propagation of global peace, unity and diversity among humanity,”

He, therefore, called on the Federal Government, agencies and investors to embrace the project which would bring development and job opportunities to the nation.