Police: Cubana Chief Priest Is Being Detained


An Instagram celebrity, Cubana Chief Priest has being detained by the Police over his assault on Police Personnel.

His arrest and investigation was due to an order from the Office of the Inspector-General of Police who had expressed shock over Cubana's action.

The Inspector said, “ We have detained Cubana Chief Priest and he is facing interrogation for misuse of police personnel as well as the illegal use of a weapon and his extravagant and unexplained lifestyle”.

Cubana likes to impress his numerous followers on Instagram by posting pictures of himself in private jets and exotic cars.

He was seen in a video he posted on January 6, 2020, of himself throwing freshly minted bundles of naira notes to a huge crowd.

Such a crime attracts a sentence of six months or a fine of N50,000 or both.

Similarly, another Instagram celebrity, Chairman, Five Star Group, Emeka Okonkwo aka E-Money, was detained for misusing police escort almost a month before Cubana's arrest.