Singer Terry G Sympathizes With Hushpuppi On Recent Arrest In Dubai


The Nigerian music star; Terry G on Instagram showed solidarity for Hushpuppi, who is facing issues on a fraud related matter.

Singer Terry G has shown sympathy for Dubai-based Nigerian; Ray Huspuppi following reports of his recent arrest.

By Mboeno Isang Tommy

Terry G on Instagram noted that nobody is clean, saying Hushpuppi needs prayers as such.

Gabriel Oche Amany, aka Terry G posted a photo of Hushpuppi along side a sympathetic note on his Instagram page.

According to him nobody is clean or perfect, but must simply pray their secrets are hidden.

The Akpako master noted; we should extend prayers towards Hushpuppi.

He is quoted, "None of us is clean nor perfect, all we pray is for God to bo our asiri… pray for him".

The Singer, however, deleted this post on Instagram shortly after sharing.