Learn To Live With Sanusi


A senior lecturer in the Department of History in Bayero University Kano (BUK) and Deputy Vice-chancellor Bayero University Kano, Professor Haruna Wakili, said the changes being introduced by the Emir were bound to happen from time to time.

Professor Wakili said:

“You cannot have an intellectual like Emir Sanusi as a leader and expect him to keep quiet while watching things going wrong. Sanusi is a kind of person that is highly educated, well exposed and by his natural disposition, outspoken as well as controversial. You should not expect him to keep quiet in this kind of situation. “Leaders always like to go the extra mile to talk to people in power so that there will be reform. So, naturally, a kind of Sanusi will never be quiet no matter what. No institution or organization can suppress him to be quiet. And as long leaders want to be relevant to their societies, they must do something to address the problems affecting their people and I think this is what the Emir is doing. Sanusi has no option but to speak out and tell the leaders the truth so that those in power can address the problem. “Sanusi realized that the failure of the society is a failure of the intellectuals and he doesn’t want to belong to this group of people and that is why he is always talking. Sanusi has been like that even before he became emir and after becoming emir he has not changed. So, we should learn how to manage him. For me, if those in government think that removing Sanusi from the office will suppress him, I think they are wrong.
"That man will be more dangerous outside the circle of government than within”.