United Nations Draft International Convention To Fight Cyber-crime


President of the 74th Session of the United Nations General Assembly, Prof, Tijjani Muhammad-Bande hits the gavel while the UN Secretary General, António Guterres (l) and the United Nations Under Secretary General for Conference Management, Movses Abelian looked in admiration during the official opening of the 74th Session of the United Nations at the UN Headquarters, Manhattan, New York.

The United Nations (UN) General Assembly on Friday adopted a resolution to draft a new international convention to fight cybercrime.

The resolution, adopted by a vote of 79-60 with 33 abstentions, decides to establish an open-ended ad hoc intergovernmental committee of experts to elaborate a comprehensive international convention on countering the use of information and communications technologies for criminal purposes.

It also decides that the ad hoc committee shall convene a three-day organisational session in August 2020 in New York, in order to agree on an outline and modalities for its further activities, to be submitted to the General Assembly for its consideration and approval.

The resolution requests the UN secretary-general, Antonio Guterres, to allocate the necessary resources in order to organise and support the work of the ad hoc committee within the UN regular budget.

Before the vote, Finland, on behalf of the European Union, and the United States spoke against the idea and called for negative votes.

Russia and China asked for support of the draft.