Don't Hide Or Kill That Talent! (What Do You Have? What's Your Gift?)


Chioma Jesus
Amaka Okwuoha was born in a poor region of Lagos, but the absence of wealth didn’t keep her from developing her gift. That is why, when she was nine years old, she had already begun to sing in her native church choir. Her Pastor inspired her to develop her gift and helped her make her way into the music industry.

As we have already mentioned, the first song that was released by this music legend was written in the Yoruba language. At the time she had been learning the English language, which would increase her potential. She became well-known in 2010 after being nominated for a category in the Delta Yadah Award. She ended up winning both times in 2011 and 2012.

Actually, the Delta Yadah is the annual concert which is usually held in Asaba, Delta State. It features the anointed, seasoned, and professional gospel music ministers who are proudly some of Nigeria’s finest.

She started her singing career at the Scripture Union Fellowship about nineteen years ago. Before her fame, Amaka Okwuoha used to be a trader, working in the food industry.

Personal life and family

So, speaking about her personal life, Chioma Jesus is married to Evangelist Callistus Okwuoha, who also used to be a pastor and together they are blessed with three children.

Chioma Jesus' music career

Better known as Chioma Jesus, she is one of the true representatives of the peculiar Nigerian gospel music. Chioma’s music and lyrics are not only well-known in this country but in many others states in Africa as well.

The most popular Amaka’s song called “Praise” was released in 2011. It reached the top of the gospel charts in Nigeria. During her career, she cooperated with other gospel singers such as Samsong, Sinach, etc. By the way, Chioma Jesus is planning to release her debut album very soon.
By Min. Ben Praise